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SelectPonds Crystal Clear 2568 Package

SelectPonds Crystal Clear 2568 Package


Oasé Proficlear Premium Compact-L Pump Fed: Revolutionary filtration system designed to deliver crystal clear water. Handles high flow rates and offers modular flexibility, tailored specifically for the SelectPonds 2568 Gallon Poly Pond.


Oasé Bitron C 110 Watt UV Clarifier: Combat algae and harmful bacteria with this powerful UV clarifier. Its high-output lamp ensures your 2568-gallon pond stays pristine, protecting your koi and aquatic plants.


Oasé Aquamax Eco Expert 6800: A high-efficiency pump that delivers optimal water circulation for the SelectPonds 2568 Gallon Poly Pond. Energy-saving and robust, it maintains essential water movement for a healthy pond ecosystem.


Oasé Controller Cloud: Smart technology at your fingertips. This cloud-based controller lets you manage your pond's equipment remotely, ensuring optimal performance and peace of mind, perfectly synced with your 2568-gallon setup.


SelectPonds 2568 Gallon Poly Pond: Durable, predator-resistant, and customizable, this extensive pond offers a haven for your koi and aquatic plants, specifically designed for serious hobbyists.


Why These Products Together and Benefits:

Specifically curated for the SelectPonds 2568 Gallon Poly Pond, this comprehensive package combines the best in pond technology to create an easy-to-manage, clear-water system. The high-quality pump, UV clarifier, smart controller, and robust filtration system work in harmony to ensure your pond is a thriving aquatic environment. Experience the convenience of a well-orchestrated system, tailored for the 2568-gallon poly pond, aimed at providing a clear water guarantee. Enjoy more time relaxing by your pond, knowing it's effortlessly maintained and in peak condition.

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