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K+ Pressure Filters (previously K1 Microbead Filter)

K+ Pressure Filters (previously K1 Microbead Filter)



Water is pumped into the filter from the pond through the multi-port valve where the internal pipework directs the water to the bottom of the unit. As the water flows upwards inside the K+ Pressure Filter, dirt, debris and waste are trapped within the mass of K+ filter media. The vast protected surface area provided by K+ Media also provides a home for the beneficial bacteria, along with filter feeders such as Vorticella and Rotifiers delivering mechanical and biological filtration.


The filtered water flows back into the pipework at the top of the unit, through the multi-port valve and back down the return line into the pond. The K+ Pressure filter is incredibly easy to clean, by simply moving the handle on the multi-port valve into the corresponding positions to perform a backwash and a rinse of the K+ media.



  • Easy to clean (simply move the handle on the multi-port valve to perform a backwash!)
  • Uses K+ filter media for dramatically improved biological filtration compared to using beads
  • Multi-port valve and blower included with all models 
  • Blower used during cleaning cycle 
  • Large clear viewing lid on top of the filter 
  • Improved flow through K+ filter media 
  • Range of products to fit your pond
  • Comes with K+ Filter Media included


For more information, click here. This will take you to a more detailed page, published by Evolution Aqua! 

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