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Hand-Crafted Doitsu Sanke Koi Statue

Hand-Crafted Doitsu Sanke Koi Statue

SKU: SOLD 07JAN21 to michael plotkin

Each koi is crafted by hand to match the koi we have in our ponds! They’re crafted with a straight body line and slight right curve of the tail to mimic the traditional Japanese technique of taking photos of koi. 


Sit them on your desk as a nice visual reprieve during working hours. Add them as a fixture near your koi pond or water garden. Position them in your garden to create the look and feel of koi swimming through your plants. 


These hand-selected fiberglass koi fish are hand-crafted in Indonesia by a fiberglass artisan. At 12 inches long, these koi are sure to impress onlookers.

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