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The only koi food we feed our koi at and

Making use of the advanced research laboratories and development centers, while at the same time conducting R&D at some of the worlds top koi farms, Nijikawa is of the highest quality feeds available today. 

All Nijikawa Lines of Feed include:

  • Optimal Essential Amino Acid profile (protein) supplies biological functions and strong conformation 

  • Sufficient Lipid Acid profile (fat) provides energy as well as healthy cell structure 

  • Balanced Protein/Fat ratio to promote muscle build and reduce ammonia excretion 

  • Prebiosal provides nutrition for probiotic culture as well as to massage and stimulate growth of gut villi

  • Probiotics promoting digestion as well as nutrition absorption in the intestinal tract 

  • Nucleotide to speed up reproduction of cells 

  • Increased Stabilized Vitamin C, E and B12 to enhance immune system and healthy neural system 

  • Highly digestive ingredients to increase nutrition intake and reduce waste 

  • Expanded Pellet Technology (EPT) to improve pellet durability in the water and preserve water quality 

  • Complete Vitamin and Mineral mix to support full biological needs and bone structure 

  • All Nijikawa lines of feed are NON-GMO (no soy or corn gluten protein)

Shipping invoices are sent by email after the price is determined.

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