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Let's Build Your Dream Pond

Whether you're looking to DIY or leave it to the experts, Select Ponds has what you need to build your dream pond.

Koi Pond Experts

As a DBA of Select Koi, we take Koi health and safety very seriously at Select Ponds. It is because of this that we offer the best filtration and koi specific solutions on the market for our customers.

Wide Product Selection

We make every effort to offer the best pricing on a variety of pond products that are considered the highest quality on the market. If we wouldn't use a product in our ponds, you won't find it here on Select Ponds.

Pond Design

At Select Ponds, we don't just tell you what your pond might look like, we show you using custom 3D designs based on your future pond site. 3D designs allow you to make changes to your future pond before construction to make sure your pond is exactly what you are dreaming of.

Pond Builds

Select Ponds offers pond building services across the United States for both residential and business locations. Our team uses their unique knowledge and experience combined with cutting edge techniques and materials to build your ponds that are free from excessive maintenance for the years to come.

Start your dream pond today!

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